Head Start Full-Day Preschool

If your child is enrolled in one of our partner childcare centers, you may be eligible for our Head Start full day preschool program. This program is also for children aged three to five, but it runs a full day, Monday through Friday, all year round. Children receive the same services as in our part-day program. Since they are enrolled in a full time childcare/preschool center, they also receive a rest period during the day and additional wrap-around (early morning and late afternoon) activities provided by the partner childcare center.

As part of the Head Start full day program, we also deliver social services to your family through our Parent Services Specialists. Each classroom has a Parent Services Specialist who works with your family to develop and meet individual family goals. Your Parent Services Specialist is a valuable resource for you to connect with agencies and services in your community that can help your family become even more successful.

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To find out whether your childcare center is partnered with us, please call (425) 712-9000.